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Ray Lavender - My Girl Gotta Girlfriend Lyrics

I know what you like!
I just got off of work, it's 1:30
I'm kinda hungry cuz I know my girl lonely
Going back to my crib, it's kinda early
Surprise my girl, because I know she waitin'
I open the front door, I hear moaning
For real somebody I'm finnin' to kill somebody
And I get closer, I hear groaning
Bustin' the door and see my girl with a chick
That's when I know that

My girl gotta girlfriend, I just found out but it's aite!
Long as I can be with her two
My girl gotta girlfriend, it really is not a problem
Cuz I'ma make it do what it do
Cuz having two chicks, it's better than no chicks
I rather just join in, keep my girlfriend, and the other one too,
My girl gotta girlfriend
It really is not a problem {shawty} cuz I'ma make it do what it do

Shawty, you could've told me that you were sleeping with a chick
How the hell, you blow me, I thought we made out shawty
You so stingy, while you was kissing on her
I could of been behind her trying pound her out

both of yall in my face,watch what i do with it
im gon fool wit it, imma fool wit it
so slide over shawty for minute
let me show how a player get down
cuz girl im bout to give you both the business
beat it up until u say ya finish
then i flip the other one
got ya bustin like a gun
so i dont really care that, my girl gotta girlfriend


Ray Lavender lyrics

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