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Rapsody - How Does It Feel Lyrics

[Chorus: Rocki Evans]
Speaking of looooooooove
Tell me how does it feel
(How does it feel, how does it feel? Ohhh)
Speaking of peaaaaaaaace, oh
Tell me how does it feel
(How does it feel, how does it feel? Ohhh)

I feel like the weight of the world here
I can't protect you from it like I used to do past years
So, I leave it all in God's hands and pray like the past-ors
I know the world tough, wish I could hide it like cashmere
wool over your eyes, though we hunger like fast here
For truth, in your youth your only problem was mad beer
Now the glass empty and you fill it mad tears
Cause peace don't come cheap when you payin like cab fare
...Yeah, and war is a beast right?
Lookin at the stars like we used to do all night
And, I'm wishin on 'em all hopin that you are alright
Thinkin of the days we used to chill and drink tall Sprites
Life was simple, just work and pay bills off
Now you far away fightin, feelin like Bill Maher
These real times, tryna understand what you kill for
How it feel heavy like the weight of steel door
And still I open up and share with you heavy hearts
Prayin for my brother in Afghanistan fightin war
Against brothers that you'd probably mistake him for
It feel like we all need to love and pray more


Yo.. It touch like the saddest of sad songs
We all know somebody that remind us like Trayvon
My mom used to tell me, "Girl, we gotta just pray for 'em
cause hate ain't born in you, it's just something they raised on
Shoot 'til the fade gone and practice decease
We gotta fight cause we cain't overcome and we don't compete
I got the gift of gab like Gab Douglas, just gotta reach out
The bars are in my hand, they can't stand like the beach house
The flow, I finally see now
The ones that hate the most just want to be where we be now
Another day runnin to makeup like a sad clown
Reverse roles they use to hold all of us all down
Yo, it came to me like Dan Brown
Da Vinci Code, we all seein truth they don't want us to know
Yo, like what we really all fightin fo?
If you ask me y'all we all need to just pray mo
For friends, family, and our sanity mostly
I'm out here ridin for my freedom like Stokely
Carmic', I write all day and all night
And it feel like love alright, heh well alright


[Outro: Rocki Evans] (Rapsody)
How does it feeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEL? OHH, how does it feel?
No, no, no Cause I don't know how does it feel?
How does it feel? Can somebody teeeell me, how does it feel like?
I don't know (How it feels?)
I don't, how does sit feeeeeel (It feel like)
I don't know (How it feels?)

Rapsody lyrics

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Songwriters: THOMAS EVANS