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Randy Rhythm Project - Way To Go Lyrics

You don't see what my eyes see
Cuz my eyes is seein what you don't see
In every way...
Just shut your eyes to really know
Then you'll find what really is
Deep in your mind
Mine eyes seeinamazing things
That you may never know or see
That's such a dread
If you want to follow me
Empty that thing you lack... from
The clutter in your head
I can't turn back... to explain things to you
You already know
The way to get away... from you
Maybe one day... I will reach out to you
Open your mind, Oh... Let it go
Cuz my mind is seein... amazing things
Heavenly things
Just close your eyes
And maybe You... will see... One day
Open that mind... And Let it go...
You already know... the way
The way to Go

Randy Rhythm Project lyrics