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Raekwon - Gamble Lyrics

I'm low in that Rolls Royce
My father's features in the high nine
But I shine, state it in the bleaches
That's enough to make yo nose bleed
I told a prick into the studios
Small with all my proceeds
As I go sing, my qualities so profound
All petitions scared of heights
I could neva look down
It's all about the past, only talk about the now
In the streets and in jail, on live, wait us to chow
My name ring bells cause I dropped outta high-school
Being educated didn't higher my IQ
The left pain coursed over wearing the right shoe
I could have played ball, but I seen what the mikes do
Seen what the Eminem the raise of demise did
Watchin' who yo friends like Eyes and Loc-kid
Barely got a hold on a young thugg
Throwin' pebbles in the water
4 TLC, no scrubbs, I'mma G

Waddup, Spanish Harlem, nigga, I see Young Cappo
Word up, that's how you do it, nigga

YSL's on, some shells, flowin' through mail bombs
I clap at a rare form tryna perform
Want a specialist, cocaine scientist, -escialist
All I the mind, I will war for my necklace
Project rap, I'm high, you can bet that
Two on a floors up, drawers on the fuck bed
Do it for the bitches in prison
Do it for the niggas that listen
Get it real, take his pistol
Eye blood bless a dart, some call it art
Hereditary, I provide y'all the February bar
Gorillaz is pimps, some didn't graduate
Shooter at chimps, niggas don't agitate
I'm strong, I'm hard, and born in the good cause
Bank account like roar, I look good y'all
What Hennessey in the veins, check the blood work
Catch a nigga uptown buyn drug, work

Yeah, nigga that's how you gon' win
That's how you shake up the church, gangsta
I hear you yung Bucky, let's go

You fuckin' with the illest, Bucky had you chillin'
I'm summer winnin', the winner got a custom made agenda
One of the niggas, I was born up on the dinners
Ain't love from a killer, in it so you know there's nothin' realer
Don't gamble with yo life, 4-5-6 is main batch
It's mandatory when yo fans is sittin' right
Fiending for my bitches, bams hit the lame bitches
Not to handle in my blazin' when I'm handlin' my business
In the Armada, prob'ly bring a product
Me and Ray Chicken, we about to get them dollas
Plant it with the trees like Santa when it's Christmas
Cause I got that work grammar, my head's in physical sickness
Lyrical gallery, picture me?
The realest shit off the top, these niggas all mad at me
Three kings, jet ways, three wings
Three teams, just biz, Tamp Boyz meet screen

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