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Raekwon - Son Of Sam Lyrics

The sun used to shine on my street on my street
The moon was visible at all times
Light bulbs substituting my moonlight
Rays of the sun replaced by lamps

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
Gangsters, buffalos, flexing in bear hats
We call em Russians, New Yorkersll wear that
Gambling outside Macys, me and all these career rats
Dont know em but Im about to break em
Ice roller bound, rolling in cracks
Yanks said stack it, this aint how I get down
The crowd got silent, heavy face slap
He slapped his Wis in the face for looking down
Caesar with the half moon, large gash wound on his face
Pretty boy, yo scarred for life
He aint a sucker though this nigga a killer
Caught his enemies up in the box, I'll yall, did em right
Now he rich, his partners the real here
Curly haired Indian who sat in a wheelchair just scheming
Yeah Don, hop in the BM, come see me
Before you know it machine guns Im seeing


[Verse 2: Raekwon]
Rolling yard weed out the jars
All I see is bag beaches, king, black sand, Wallabee Clarks
We in intense mad colorful pictures
Everybody get nice, gift bags for the bitches thats ice
A-yo the Shotty in Alex hand, chill in the foyer
Give your lawyer this bread and be cool just stay a warrior
The East is in the building, bottles with sparkles on em
Yo Rae, I fuck with your waves with the goggles killing
Thats what it is, Manhattan all the way to the Grand Rapids
We stay stunting with the clappers
Fishscale parties, commercial niggas bother me
We just as hard as they come, thats my discography
Medelln music, part-time Cuban
Who only eat steaks and grapes, boo how you moving
Perfectionist, applause, kings cooling, new movement
Up in the Wraith Im outta here, peace to jeweler


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