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Raekwon - A Pinebox Story Lyrics

[Verse One]
A metal rock hit his face with a rush
They pistol-whipped him, shot him
with his Dutch
He lost all his trust
Smoking Dutch, choking in his lust
out his lies, so one day he stole a pair of nuts
Tried to go hard, that’s the wrong song He should’ve just jetted, Moet in his mind up was wrong
He could’ve made it but he
waited, hesitated
Laying on a bitch, they caught him right in front of his Moms
did him extra dirty, stripped him, tied his hands to his Vans
Them old school niggas left a
His blooded waist, broken arm, cut him in his face
I heard the chants, he
don’t deserve life, let him lamp
Choking him, poking him, hitting him with all kinds of
Left him soaking, ?? all in his mouth
He was out, they broke him up, knocked him
Three times then threw him in a slouch
They took his sneakers and his beeper Where’s Theresa? Snatched the reefer
That bitch is next, catch you on the sequel Swollen eyes, his face was pulverized
Trying to be a hustler, two ounces he want to
Dumb dummy, no team, he barely had money
Flying around, old ass Jag, buying
blow from me
Ski mask robbing, jean wearing ho sweetass

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