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Rachelle Ann Go - When You Find Your Voice Lyrics

I know you wanna speak but there's no sound
can't say what's going on inside right now
silent tears give away what you cannot reveal
you let your fear take control of what you feel…

when you find your voice inside heart
I will be there for you wherever you are
when you find the strength to speak
the words will come to you
when you find your voice
you'll be silent no more
and like a thundering waterfall
all that you held back so long
will pour out of you
when you find your voice…

sometimes you've got to fall to rise again
to find a rhyme or reason for the pain
and when your time has come
you'll know how to begin
you'll tell the world all you've held deep within

(Repeat Chorus)

even if it takes a hundred days for you
the quiet will be shattered when you finally come through

(Repeat Chorus)

Rachelle Ann Go lyrics