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Rachelle Ann Go - Stay In Love Lyrics

It isn't hard to notice
the love we always cherished
begins to fade away you just can't hide the truth
I just don't understand it
for all the time we planned it
It seems that we are lost for now goodbye is here


‘Til that day that again you'll be here with me
I'll always keep on loving you
so hear me say though my heart is hurt
I won't regret to always stay in love with you this way

It would be hard to see you go
I just can't help but cry you know
Because I know inside my heart I would be missing you
If ever you would love again
I promise that I'd understand
but if by chance you thought
of coming back just tell me when

(Repeat Refrain)

I will wait for you
That is what I'd do
cause my heart belongs to only you

(Repeat Refrain)

Rachelle Ann Go lyrics