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Rachelle Ann Go - Love Won't Let Us Be Lyrics

So many answers
looking for the reason to believe
search for what is real
so many reasons
I try to find the one that fits my heart
trust in what I feel
you and I
we find ourselves not knowing who we are
different worlds apart


Time will lead our way
heaven's kindness is there for me
In my heart you will always stay
cause love won't let us be

Think of all the moments
Remembering the precious times we shared
the love we used to have
if I see tomorrow
not brave enough that it's not you and me
I learn to set you free
so afraid knowing that it's time to say goodbye
will I realize

(Repeat Chorus)

What I feel
Is something that no words can ever show
It's part of letting go

(Repeat Chorus)

Rachelle Ann Go lyrics