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Quez - Diggity Down (da Down Diggy) Lyrics

And I'm hungrier than four fat Muslims during Ramadan
Eat a smorgasbord of more imitators than at Comic Con
It's so astonishing
Generate the rhyme mechanically, the Automaton
The atomic bomb Hiroshima ambiance
I blow smoke like a mushroom cloud
When I drop the rhyme out of sight out of mind
Out of body experience, a rare phenomenon
You're limited a school zone compared to my Audubon
Promptly pulled your concubine compelled her with the craft
I'm hip hops hypotenuse, slicing squares in half
If it went over your head I guess you couldn't get the math
Mad rapper on the wrath on cliffs we clash Titans
Underwater Atlantis we clash tridents with Poseidon
Exchange lightning bolts with Zeus
I be the proof of God, him and I have battled in the booth
I'm let loose, with life saving maneuvers Heimlich
Eclectic on the mic never know what he might spit
Might spit the renegade revolution righteous
Might spit to innovate this evolution rhyme shit
Might spit and smite every emcee despite
The fact that I might rip many that I like
But for now chump sucka got a riot to incite
I'm a Philly Blunt puffer spit the iron on the mic
And never met a Buster Douglas I'm the lion in a fight
With the poachers scoping, they got my pride up in their sights
But um them suckas ain't nothing to a beast
But a feast I got a taste for emcee fricassee
Jive turkeys get smoked in the hickory, picking me
To battle on the mic you must be sick of these victories
Many documented in my history
Along with broads on my dick once found it hard to commit
I'm raw dog hard with two balls under it
Drop your jaws for the cause because I'm targeting it
The molester of the metronome, leave the bitch scared
Put my testis on the microphone I think I need God
To stop the sickness, but I'm never ashamed
Bust my babies on the track and have it singing my name
Beat my dick and run it back yeah I recorded the fame
And if the trick is cinematic put the whore in the game
It's insane diggity down da down diggy

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