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Quelle Chris - Loop Dreams Lyrics

tellin' you, this is the year...

Wakin' up in the same place every fuckin' day
Yeah, motherfuckin' right, no fuckin' way
Stressed out, tryin' to figure out the best route
And the chest out, so no one knows that I'm stressed out
'Cause everybody wanna see you at your best now
You vice is the outfit, who's your set now?
Say I'm your favorite rapper out, but the sales ain't legit, so
The labels soundin' like schizos
Feelin' like I work from the bottom to the bottom here
And I done see the bottom of too many bottles here
No fast whips, no mansions, and no models here
Just my next breath, little checks, and mo problems here

Eye the whole pie, take no slice deals
Got empty arms, can't no beats and no mics fill
I done chill where the thiefs and the night chill
And dwell where the rich and the right dwell
I done see niggas rise like the hot air
And all I got to show for it is standing right here
Same jeans, free tees, and some nike airs
The OGs treat a G like the young heir
I understand why some left and never came back
I can't promise you it'll always be the same Black
I just want my 40 acres and a playback
So I can stuff Garcia Vegas and just lay back

Loop Dreams, Loop Dreams...

Quelle Chris lyrics