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Pry - Truth And Memories Lyrics

I've been on the edge of my sorrow now
And I can't figure out what you did
That made yo so mad you keep shouting
And you blame me instead

Pre Chorus:
And I can take it no more, it makes me wanna kill you
I've been dreaming about the day you die
Patience is so rough
I just have to wait until I cannot hide

I've been waiting for the day I will be free
I'm like an eagle who possesses broken wings
And I just want you to stay away from me
So I forget the truth, and memories

There is more to tell then what's already said
All my wounds are burning and red
The pain is hurting me oh I can't even take it
All my anger is fed

Repeat pre chorus and chorus.

One at a time, tell me you're mine
Tell me how I make you feel
Stand outta lines, counting the cries
Stranded chained to the battle fields
To the battle fields

Repeat pre chorus and chorus.

Pry lyrics