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Professor Griff And The Last Asiatic Dis - Pass The Ammo Lyrics

"The averge school in America do not know how to educate
They been too damn busy indoctrinating
And there's a difference between a education and an indoctrination"

"Here we go"

[Verse 1: Professor Griff]
I keep my lyrics steady flowin' on the level down the right path
Griff it's my title now it's time to feel the wrath
Of my knowledge, wisdom and understand I have the education
I'm ambitious, ready any time to teach the nation
I like composing a song to get my point across
Because the word's in effect and you should go for yours
Now is the time to show you what another brother knows
Face to face, knowledge hittin' like a power blow
And of course, by any means necessary
I'm the Griff, the L.A.D. is mandatory
I'm hittin' hard while you're shakin' like a milkshake
To let you know that peace is in its last days
I'm just a brother and I know it and I'll let you know
My words are stronger than guns, so

(Chorus - repeat 4X)
Pass the ammo
Educate you, what we gon' do

[Verse 2: ESD Obie]
Unity, a common word I over-mention
Not too many blacks forget snitchin'
Look at the word, it's self-explanatory
It means merge, come together - end of story
Accept one title, the deejay, the E.S.D. Obie
I rhyme all the time, it's not poetry
To me I make sense when you speak in terms of history
And that's a fact so don't you even bother dissing me
Don't even come at my face or even be so bold
But all these negative vibes just put the shit on hold
We must unite, come together just like a team
Or should I say a force, like a laser beam

[Verse 3: Last Asiatic Disciple]
I'ma let the ammo pass like sand through an hour glass
Until I reach the maps and educate the uneducated
Simplify the complicated
Make it easier for those who hate it (hate what)
Being taught ya thought
But you don't get paid to think
First you must grab a notebook and a pen
Or think before you sink in quicksand
Which is the devil's land who's on the upper hand
The only way to stay alive and survive
Is to strive for wisdom and that's what I give them
Whether ya like it or not we're at war
And you know the score
The battle we fight is one of a different kind
It's the war of the human mind
And we must come together to conquer the clever
And take on whoever brings Rambo
Education is the bullet
Your mouth is the gun
So load up inside, pass the ammo!

(Chorus - repeat 4X)

[Verse 4: Last Asiatic Disciple]
Caught, and I'm keepin' them screamin'
I'm the military style without the schemin'
My logo is X marks the spot, it's time
To show you the most hard to the core with the rhyme
Just pickin' 'em up, runnin' 'em down
With every play
Roughin' her out, talkin' about
There's more to say
Special request to Clay on the board
Just play inject the mix from all week for technics today
It's goin' platinum
Rappers I'm rackin' as if I was a pool shark
Then I'd attack them
The mighty X is a soldier from Asia
Original, and must continue to raise ya
Griff made beats to sign auto with stuff
To take the P.A. system and rip shit up
You never know that my mind is like a rifle
So comprehend what I say as a disciple
Step one is a message to soldiers and rebels
As we adjust the tempo to crowd levels
Still in effects like Wyze is sellin' X
Bringin' you to song after song and the very next
As we educate you to make sure the strong
Passin' the ammo like burn alarm

(Chorus - repeat 2X)

[Verse 5: Last Asiatic Disciple]
Power struttin' and dedication life was realness I'm a black man
Educated and I would discuss my achievement
To the whole music industry
You non-writers take a second look because it's me
Current knowledge and wisdom is on my agenda
Like a fish outta water, I never would surrender
Till you put me back in
My place of origin
For the fish wasn't meant to walk, it was meant to swim
So now you're hearin' me again
On a different level started makin' sure my records don't bend
But they make ya head spin
Because I'm serious, you do not see a grin upon my face
A lot of us do not protect our own race
Because they envious, they try to take their brother's place
Then they step off, without a clue and leave no trace
That's why we get nowhere, I think it's a disgrace
In case you cease
And I suggest you write this piece
And come together like our brothers in the Middle East
I'm just lettin' you know, he rhyme teacher goes
Listen up close bro eyes out, pass the ammo

(Chorus - repeat 3X)

Professor Griff And The Last Asiatic Dis lyrics