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Prodigal Sunn - Dedication Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Dedication lyrics performed by Prodigal Sunn. We have tried to make the Dedication song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Intro: Prodigal Sunn]
Yeah, it all started S-U-N-Z, baby
Wu-Tang Clan, uh-huh, fifty MC's live on stage, baby
This life dedicated to the all time great
This is hip hop, uh-huh, the momentum, baby
Motivation, dedicated to the all time great

[Prodigal Sunn]
I came back to save rap, as I free hip hop from the trap
Cuz most of these rappers is burnt like crack
I spit at receptions, my lyrics stick like Pete on the poem
Beat you with chrome, eat at ya dome, New Yi' was living roam
I raid with the heavens, the seventh symbol standing strong
With plans to live long, as I craft math in my songs
Call me the king of psalms, calm with the mic in my palm
Christen ya mom, I do it with charms
So sound the alarm, cuz I'mma break bread like Richard and Tom
This is my time, and my space, the ace in ya place
No chaser, beam like a laser, work equals labor
Green equals paper, the force lay ya nation, they gave ya
I'm back with the flavor, the lightsaber, attracting the majors
I stay alert, watch new capers, suit at the traitor
From BK to Asia, always show respect to my neighbors
Cuz life is a blessing, with no question, it beats stay testing
I'm essence, moving with preasence, teach you a lesson
Show you that the saga continues, pop at ya venue
Split it from the top of my temple, drop it over instrumentals
Drive it like a rental, a little something for the mental
I keeps it heavy, they ain't knew about the levy's
Breaking, you think they gave a damn? More money for the taking
And death to the bacon, may he die aching
Because the separation, frustration, pressing our nation
Spark up for vegetation, purest form of medication
Who be that education, beat ya seeds, preparation
Some solid food for thought, on my path to elevation
Call this a dedication, better yet, a revelation
All day, every day, yo, we do this for rap
Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop...

Prodigal Sunn lyrics