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Prhyme - U Looz Lyrics

{"Let's take 'em back"}

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Yeah, '94 shit

Uh, as the preacher takes the pulpit
Fix your coat, prepare for 40-below spit
Seven days of Heaven's ways and Hell's hangups
Chris and Ryan again
and we wishin anybody who wasn't wishin us well bankrupt
A "L" and whatever else ain't up
As far as me I'm, still caught up in all the gun shit
Still callin my bullets +Expendables+
cause it's hard to believe I can fit all of them boys in one clip
I squeeze off and the streets start tremblin
It's way too many niggaz that seen shit, too many witnesses
Up and down with they visions of what a street nigga is
I call it the See-Saw Syndrome
Syndrome maybe you make a mistake, you lose
And this is for the real hip-hop niggaz
who will never ever ever ask me am I here to replace Guru

[DJ Premier]
Word? That's what you feel up on this track?
Let a bitch nigga try and shit on that

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Oh what, you tryin to rap now?

[DJ Premier] + (Royce)
Ha ha!
Yeah, yo Royce (what up my nigga)
We just lampin in the studio
You know, doin our thing (okay)
We buggin out, you know (right)
A little test run, so

[Royce Da 5'9"]
So, I need you to, speak with your hands
{*Premier scratches*}
On the count of three
Everybody now, 1 {"2, 3"} GO!

[DJ Premier scratches]
"Talk to 'em"
"We stepped up in this rap game and seen act a fool"
"Me and Preem, both names go together"
"Lot of niggaz frontin like they ill"

[DJ Premier]
I think it's time to move on to the next one
Ha ha ha ha

Prhyme lyrics

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