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Plies - Rippin Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Rippin lyrics performed by Plies. We have tried to make the Rippin song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

See my 1st move now I'm riding in a reager
Knew my brother go'n stash em when I seen him working the
Half of these niggas don't like me cause I wouldn't give em a
Ion know y I past Spanish cause I was fucking my teacher
Just wanted me some bitches ain give a fuck about a beamer
Raised up in the projects they women live of the pizza
Niggas that had the money was the dope boys and the preacher
Always kept it Mina cause ain never been Visa
13 in a half was the age I tried the reefer
1st broad that I painted I fucked her right out the freezer
1st car that I stole was a two toat El Camino
Bitch hating on ya for nun they did the same thang to Jesus
Nigga don't wanna be Malcolm they wanna be Al Pacino
They ain't got shit on a nigga they charge yo ass with the Rico
Nigga that write it on me I seen I'm hollering bingo
4 4 on it now riding round in a 4-door
Heard them people lying and they riding and taking photo
Just called my lil bitch told her I wanna fuck her to peephole
Calling me bout the work then u better b using lingo
Fucking was in u bitch now she got me speaking bilingual
Hoe just ran out of dealers she hit they ass for some new clothes
I told em I'm buying them all I paid all in Sino
Cupids they wasn't ready we waited it out in coco
Shot a nigga this time we gone rob ya ass on the next go
Shout out to all the niggas on the yard that got a cellphone
All my soldiers that's in they got that shit in the chokehold
Anything dealing with me they gone put yo ass on the door though
Got letter from 1 of my shooters they shipped him to Colorado
Only thang that he want is a couple dollars and some photo
If I ever happen to go broke then I'm going to get me a drop hoe
Remember siting in the trap while I'm off that no door
Diesel was round the corner I was tryna get me some 2 4
Time done changed now niggas cool with squealing
Where I'm from it's bad some' like a religion
Sell dope 'til I make it that was my only vision
Half of my niggas dead other half in the penitentiary
Shit 21 that was my only bison
Hardhead all my life cause ain't never like to listen
All I remember as a jit was waking up getting evicted
Still driving my shit even though my license suspended
Remember being on a lick the 1st time I seen a camenion
They asked me where all the yoppers I told em go ask my enemy
Will just let em talk but I refuse to let em kill me
They denied his 1st bond I guess God ignored his wishes
Detective asking u questions it just mean that they fishing
Thank about it all u want but all u niggas can get it
Most of these niggas lie that y I keep em up out my business
U think that he might b seeing u better take out the witness
Message to all u pussies u want it nigga come get it
1 of the fewest rappers that rapped about it done lived it
Y is he so emotional he just got in his feelings
Lot of these niggas gone I been fish grease for a minute
Half of these niggas faking it the jewler told all ya business
U ain't talking to me if u never tried to kill him
If I ever said u flaw then guess what I meant it
Y ion fuck with them niggas cause me n them niggas different
Last shootout I was in it last for 30 minutes
Bruh told me to turn up fuck it they keep on spitting

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