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Plies - All I Know Lyrics

Below you can find the popular All I Know lyrics performed by Plies. We have tried to make the All I Know song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Bruh bruh the streets is all I know
bruh ain't nothing you can tell me bout the streets that I don't now

I hustle all day ball all night I been in the streets
like all my life runnin like crazy the streets
is my lady street shit is all I know

[Verse 1]
I had dreams of livin like nino
all I ever wanted was one kilo
grandma went to chruch but I didn't go
I stayed home just to watch (...)
steady boston george and diego
watch one lil nigga play with big doe
niggas made millions off of one o
I learned the street life was so cold
10 stacks cash that was my goal
wanted to be like big bro with plenty hoes
irst thing he taught me was the g code hoes
ain't shit that's all I ever known


[Verse 2]
A lot of niggas wanted me in the chain game
a lot of niggas broke but got big names
some niggas pussy but got a lot of change
real nigga to the bone how I came
niggas snitchin now and days with no shame
16 with two kids who the blame
when I was 16 I ran my first train
had good butt but I ain't know her name
some niggas dead thanks to cocaine
some niggas rich off the same thing
all I can tell you life a dirty game
streets all I know simple and plain


[Verse 3]
I know a nigga that blew off 28 grand
nigga cop his first ounce and went ham
now he ridin candy smokin big cans
nigga ridin threw the city with big bams
most niggas I knew grew up with no fam
momma still here but daddy in a jam
one thing bout street money it switch hands
I know some niggas that's 18 with 20 grand
I know some old coons dawg with no band
and this street shit waits for no man
some niggas gone leave here with head
shoots some niggas gone hit licks for big blocks
some niggas forever dawg gone sell rocks
and some niggas forever gone have big knots
and some gone forever ball and just watch
and I salute the niggas that's on the blocks


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