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Plies - Jumped Off Da Porch Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Jumped Off Da Porch lyrics performed by Plies. We have tried to make the Jumped Off Da Porch song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

True story, true story, true story, nigga
True story, true story, true story, nigga

I jumped up off out the porch, my daddy was on dope
My brother was in the streets doing his thing with the boys
I wanted me some cash, couple whips, and some whores
I grab my shit and flat a nigga and jumped up off the porch

I Had dreams of being the biggest weed man in the city
Wasn't fucking with that heroin, cause the time was the stiffest
Wanted to run and take money, wasn't for me we both dealing
I was trying to fly right 'cause my brother had them chickens, want to be just like him
Cause his paint kept flipping plus he stayed in the mall and all his hoes looked different
I always told myself that one day I will come to this bitch flipping
With a pocket full of money, I wasn't gone have no fuck niggas with me


E'rday nigga that had nuts, had a team full of soldiers
Every nigga that called pussy, a niggas had done fucked over em
With the study of my page, went to watch to how niggas moves
Nigga I've been trying to maintain, I ain't don't give a fuck about being cool
Wasn't none but two choices, nigga, either feds or dead
Shit, I been trying to work, cause my mom went check to check
She went to work e'rday, and she still ain't had nothing
Shit I wanted me a body cause in the streets that's who they was lovin' so I jumped up off the porch


I was motivated by the hustlers, wasn't motivated by the preacher
I just wanted to be that young niggea who came through on easter
I was ok in the kitchen but with them hoes I was lethal
You can get rich off of the beaker but being broke turn you into a beefer
When my ass finally hit, I sold my bracelet and my speakers
But one thing that I wouldn't sell is that fuckin desert eagle, I heard that lil hoe she was fuckin
But it was cool, 'cause I ain't need her
I was the only nigga in high school fuckin his teacher, Ms. Gibson


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