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Plies - Creep Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Creep lyrics performed by Plies. We have tried to make the Creep song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Creep, Creep, Creep, Creep

You talk behind my back but when you see me try to act like shit sweet
You talk to me about them and then you talk to them about me
But you want me to believe that you keep it so G
And that's why I don't trust you not far I can motherfucking see
'Cause you creep
Creep, creep, creep, Creep, creep, creep, Creep, creep, creep, Creep, creep, creep

Already know how you rocking, that's why I don't fuck with your kind
Already know that you creep, that's why I don't fuck with you now
Y'all nigga dibbling and dabbling and try to play both sides
And I'm there watching and peeping and clutching my fire
Don't believe a shit that you say, cause you a goddamn liar
You ain't For me at all, I can see it in your eyes
Yeah, you Poison and I know it, I knew that shit for a while
Trying to play up Under me, nigga, that's how you die


Nigga, I been Peeped Game, That's Why I Don't Talk Round Y'all
That's Why I Slide How I Slide And Stay Away From The Flaw
And If You Think that They love ya, their have your ass in a cross
When I find that you creep, I stay away from you dog
And I ain't playing your lil games and I Anit Answering Ya Calls
And all that playing like we cool shit, I Don cut that Dere Off
If It Look Like a snake and it move like a snake, and it Sound Like A Snake
That Bitch Definitely A Snake


All that two facing shit that y'all niggas be on
Y'all got more emotion than any goddamn ho
I ain't feeding you at all, fuck a lowhammered spoon
And y'all all be right here on that grease shit too
Bitch, you don't care about me and I don't care about you
But you better remember the streets have got no room
I'm a tell you the same thing that I tell you do
I get to hit and I get to you, cause you creep

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