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Plies - Baking Soda Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Baking Soda lyrics performed by Plies. We have tried to make the Baking Soda song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.


All I need is baking soda
Drop a four in the pot, make an ounce to a rock
Put it to your left
All I need is brown water
Heavy on the block, hit the strips, set up shops
Stay with a Glock
All I need is anehem
Hot chopper with a bend thatll make a nigga ass shape
Grip the handle,
All my shit crack, nigga
All my shit crack, nigga

You ought to watch a nigger out here
And put cut on the yogurt,
We gon'sell you something that won't turn over
Hit y'all with a flip flail,
Beat the fuck off your cask
Now you're looking with your mask
And the games that I don't play,
And took a loss in a minute,
Nigger trapping a nigger ass, gotta feel it
I ain't spared nobody
Keep a head on the swift liner
Shit is got real creep,
Everybody out here tryna eat
Young niggers wild and all
See, you don't wanna ride with them
When it come to the cash I feel them
Breaking no loses
Everything gotta count
Breaking mine, I'll die to the ounces
All I need is a big lick, big chain,
Big practice, yeah, all I do is big things


All I need is baking soda
And the funk, are you scared
That these niggers don't see you?
All I need a bad bitch
Who will suck me on the row
So I don't fall asleep driving with the dope
I'mma tell you what I don't need
And that's some nigger in my business
When I go to Carpoon take him with me
That's a lesson that I did learn
And the cracker get behind me,
Don't you turn off, nigger they will fool you
One thing that I d know, if they ask
And they search you, in your car,
You better tell them hand over
While my lawyer ain't with me,
Motherfucker ain't talking
I got a motherfucking ... in my pocket
If I get another cradle,
She will love me in the morning,
Look, I got me feeling like I'm Tony,
Take a look at me, I'm bad guy
Motherfucker don't want that,
I ain't never crossed a nigger who didn't
Have it coming


All my shit crack, nigga
All my shit crack, nigga

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