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Peter Elizalde - No One Lyrics

Opened my eyes, theres no one.
I cried out loud, heard no one.
I looked around for someone
I should have said, at least something,
Instead I stood so quietly

Always said I wanted to be free,
Ooh ooh ooh, no, theres no other someone
Never thought youd actually believe
So Im left without no one

Anytime you feel like hanging around
You know I will be homebound with both my feet on the ground.
Soon there will be someone wholl tell me I mean something
Suddenly youll be asking about me!

Opened the door I hear someone,
Could be a letter I see a large one
Im sure its you cause you are
Like the glory of my story
I should have known, theres nothing,
Bills, photographs, and silence

Never said I wanted to be free,
Youuuuu, youre my only someone
You said this is what is right for me

M mama told me youd be breakin my heart
Just like the girl I met the other day at the bar
You though you could just come and use me anyway,
Just like your friends Sally and Molly do it everyday!

Im broken, busted, and lonely,
For sure busted and lonely,
Im broken busted and lonely (repeat ending)
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laaaa, la, la, la, la, la, la, ... laaaaaaaa

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