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Paypa - Miss Lorrie Intro (hotr 3: Kim Jong Ill) Lyrics

Hey sweetie, it’s me
Hey sweetie, it’s me
I’ve just been thinking about you and…
Praying for you as usual
And I just want you to know that umm
You that I, I want you to be encouraged
But be reminded that the industry that you’re in
Is uh… you know, governed by some very dark spirits
And uh… I want you to be reminded always that
You you’re called to be in this industry but not of it
Remember the prophetic word that you were given when you were 5 years old
Your name Marcus means warrior
You were called to war in the Spiro gram
To bring a generation, to lead a generation to Christ
So you have to remember that, um
To way that you’re called to be in this business is different from other folks
So don’t be discouraged when things don’t work out exactly the way you want them to be because
If you, if you focus on the fact that you’re called to lead a generation and not just be a part of something that’s already existing
To bring down a generation
God will be with you and you will do well
I want you to be encouraged
And I want you to keep your, your focus on God and God alone
And don’t be weary, okay?
Talk to you soon.

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