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Patrick Wolf - A Boy Like Me Lyrics

Below you can find the popular A Boy Like Me lyrics performed by Patrick Wolf. We have tried to make the A Boy Like Me song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

A boy like me is told
He is both nine and ninety
And a boy like me
Should shut those books
Join the army
And a boy like me
Would never be seen
Fighting for peace
I want total chaos
And a holiday home in the east

And a boy like me
Should know much better than
To raise his flag in stormy weather
I just can't get enough electric shocks
I wanna buy a lighthouse
And ride a giraffe on the rocks

I don't give up

I want two dogs
Two cats
A big kitchen
And a welcome mat

I want all this
And all i shall have
Oh no, i don't give up

A boy like me
Don't ever give up
Give up his dream

Patrick Wolf lyrics

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Songwriters: PATRICK WOLF