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Pat Kelly - Brown Dirt Cowboy ft. The Core Lyrics

B etter for the knowing and for all these many years
E very word you’ve written inspired by laughter and tears
R eally what I’m saying is that this world’s a better place
N o action is stronger than what your words, his music, have shaped
I n basements, a clumsy teenage hand
E xcited to find the promised land

T he first taste of strange bitter fruit
A ll love is music in a heart’s pursuit
U ntil I heard of Daniel’s brother
P oignant tales of life’s demands
I nside your song took my lover
N ow I’m a family man

T he greatest discovery I’ve had
H ere I declare every night upon a stage
A ll that I’ve known, I have lost and all I have gained
N eatly disguised in sonnets and rhymes
K ind words describe the ugly that we all hide

Y ears feel like yesterday
O nly life’s songs can save
U nimaginable, imagined those days

Pat Kelly lyrics