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Pack - In My Car Lyrics

Below you can find the popular In My Car lyrics performed by Pack. We have tried to make the In My Car song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Riding down the street
and I see a pretty girl
she wants me, I want her
I will take her to my world
I'm in my car
I'm stunting in my car
You know I'm in my car
I'm stunting in my car
My car

Yeah i'm hotter than a light pole
looking like a light show
Pink from the east
But my pants from Tokyo
Trunk don't summer jam
Yeah I'm the Stunna man
So much money i can't fit it in a rubberband(stupid)
And they know I go hard
Ridin down crackson stuntin in my car
Tips on my strip cause they Knowin Im a star
And I buy my own drink
I aint f**kin with the bar
See me all through Richmond
Sidin on the sixen
Pink like freeshes
poppin at the bitches
scrapthang,scrapthang,Uno got one too
F**k with your boy girl
I bet it be a fun move
From the car to the club
Hella boppas
I got my eyes on you
The one in the yellow
and the one in th blue
Aob yeah gimme dat loot
Look like a hoot

Pack lyrics

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