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Pac Div - The Return Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mibbs]
[Verse 1: Mibbs]
It's the return to the city of the angels and demons
Where the party's still popping while the neighbors is sleeping
Police helicopters flying over our heads
I don't know what happened but I hope that nobody's dead
You know that shit don't stop so now it's back to the basics
Living above the law, that's some classic LA shit
And banging Pac, Cube, Snoop, Eazy, and Dre shit
Been on a hiatus, now we back to our [group?]
Since I was kid, my best friend was Kurupt
Yo-Yo was my bitch and DJ Quik was my unc'
Mack 10 and Dub-C taught me to tie my Chucks
And Nate Dogg was my nigga, he never left me on stuck
I give my city a hug and make love to the pavement
Where I live at everyday is like a fucking vacation
Hoes come to my city, looking for a vocation
I tell him get with this pick up or she ??

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