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Opeth - The Lotus Eater Lyrics

Liquid is in your throat
For hopeless delight
After all you fell in love with death
Life has aborted
All you've had and all you became

The night is calling, you pray forth

A barren waste is your land
Crops they were sown to die

This skin is a mirror
The eyes hover with ignorance
Hell throb from your lips
Sucked in and safe from the world of sleep

All years caring for a liar
The barren drift road is winding higher
You're a moth too close to the fire

You are stuck in a beautiful future
Changing and waiting and seeking the truth of it all

Fleeting in sorrow
Pushing your spirit away
Seeking the weakness of dislike
Whispered from the heart
To be, we're all in the mourning
To despair


Cries out: "The restless will also... die."

Resurrection covered with death
Drawing the life under one
A fact tied to the earth
The soul's a victim, a follower

Oh, mother!
[Incoherent growling]
For us to see
The blink of an eye

And the pride of a mother
Drawn close in a mother's son
And the love from a father
Was used by a father's son

Over warrior's token
Misspoken lives on
The language unimportant
So fair and so just

All the land is taken

Opeth lyrics

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