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Oddisee - The Goings On Lyrics

I meant to call you the other day
cause I saw this girl that resembled you on the boulevard
& she had that dress on you bought when we were in Monterey
but didn't do it justice, I guess she
thought she could pull it off
It's been a minute since you updated page
you was never into that,
guess I see you stuck to your ways
remember when you called me to ask the meaning ratchet
I explained it then you asked me to use it within a phrase
I saw it in the status of this chick & started laughing
you was always old fashion, I hope that you haven't change
I hope you answer
my how you been with a can't complain
any other response & I'll probably hop on a plane/
probably knock on your door, probably give you advice
end up spending the night & then fall in
love with you twice
yeah my phone bill's crazy from international roaming
I just really had to ask you how's it going
I spent months avoiding you now
we're on the same subway with our cordial smiles
yeah I heard you moved to Brooklyn, but I'm hardly in town
I thought the odds of running into you we're modest till now
we living in the big apple on a small ass tree
it's kind of hard to branch out within this small scene
so we bump into each other on platforms
perfect platform to start discussing
why we more less beef
i'ma blame on timing your school assignments & work
but you put it all
on my end assumed I was doing dirt
in the territory that I'm in, this is commonly with it
women found of me tempting my honesty yeah I get it
communication is first & we pushed it to other digits
bringing to the front we can't front on the fact we didn't
testament to resilience an ending's a new beginning
me, I'm just doing fine but it's you that forgot to mention
I wrote these lyrics, knowing you won't respond
but knowing that you'll hear it'll probably help me move on
I got some shit to say that I didn't say on the phone
women good in the moment, our thoughts take longer to form
but now this shit is clear & I know that I did you wrong
& cowardly I was for the both of us you were strong
I gave you poison when I should have went for the throat
but I was both your drug & your mechanism to cope
look me analyzing us, that was always your job
my career was despising us & I was working hard
your sense of entitled self
was the perfect match for my guilt
I stayed in a situation I hated but couldn't help
took a crack at escaping, persuaded by you to say &
jaded by our relations I waited for you to cave in
I'm sure you want some answers in need of an explanation
my number still the same & I'm waiting
promise I'll tell you

Oddisee lyrics