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Oddisee - Back Of My Mind Lyrics

Welcome to the back of mine
where the brain cells are chained cells, locked in solitary confine
& I hope that they may never shine
where the insane dwells is not a place for people, way to
lethal at timessee the demeanor I present you is kind
but the truth is I'm ruthless
I plan to do it this until I'm toothless & dying
see I've realized it now, that most of my pals
will never get the chance to see what they were dreaming about
well look at me, I must be a nightmare for those
who were right there, so close, not close enough to see
may you live vicariously, if you helped
me on my feet, know i'ma be there for you for, always around
ironically the honesty is profound
It's the ones that left me on the ground that don't fuck with me now
die slows brothers, die painfully
I'm in the, back of my mind this ain't a thing to me
I'm trying to be a better person, the more I get ahead I worsen
I use to have a higher tolerance
for when people be talking shit
now I just put them on mute when they're cursing
I know we ain't perfect but I try to be above stooping low
negativity ain't worth the exertion
but lately the thoughts in the back of my brain that I contain
be leaking out, I'm speaking out through these verses
this is what it is, cut throat is the biz
you either hold the knife or hold the wound, I'm trying to live
my competitions in need of no help, they're good at killing them selves
but I assist them, cause I hate to see them bleeding on shelves
I'm pretty selfish & I know it, I do my best not to show it
sometimes though I can't control it, I let it go & expose it
I say some shit that's insulting & proud that I am the culprit
& hope you find it revolting, that what's from the back of my mind

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