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Nyck Caution - Wordsmith Lyrics

Everybody waitin for the next time Nyck black
Well this the next time Nyck black
Bar to bar
I'm giving anybody a mismatch
I'm Charizard burning anybody that Nyck match
I'm higher than my last flight
I should get a strain of marijuana
You a buyer if the cash right
Already told you I'm a pharaoh
Just know that
I was prolly fuckin Cleopatra in my past life
I rose from the cellar
Now I be livin on the road through the cold November
Because the flows developed
It's still Forever the era
I liked watchin YOUR shows
But I like rockin MINE better
More alive then I've ever
Been before on the real
Put my life in this record
There ain't no price on the skill
Livin like I had a pair of dice I rolled to reveal
A four
Every time that I get a feel
Yo I thank the god
Know the high power did
Something special when he blessed me with no cowardness
But I've been grindin each hand got 5 callouses
Know I put the work in
I'mma mothafuckin wordsmith
Wordsmith ,Wordsmith
Wordsmith, Wordsmith, Wordsmith
Wordsmith, Wordsmith, Wordsmith
I'mma mothafuckin wordsmith
Wordsmith, Wordsmith
Wordsmith, Wordsmith, Wordsmith
Wordsmith, Wordsmith, Wordsmith
I been waiting
How to get my name in all your conversations
Bout what's popping lately
I smoke an eigth and drop the hottest statements
Boxin like I'm Tyson
When I'm rockin stages
Leave you rocked for hatin
I'm at a point where yo I swear I'm the nicest
I would sell you like a verse but you'd be scared of the prices
Plus I only got a family plan
Swear to keep it stable well that's only if my sanity can
I used to starve on the weekdays
Now I'm checking for the carbs on the cheesesteak
They want a story bout my life
You know I gotta charge for the screenplay
Just hope it doesn't flop hard for the team sake
Nyck bigger and better
I'm sicker then ever
Ya girl get the dick but I'm kissin em never
I rap better
Then my last effort
Young Cash getter
Dropping gems jax teller
I'm the man now
Prolly dressed in black leather
Got bars for a minute y'all could check my track record
Kirk starve in the kitchen
Know I always got the ammunition
Locked and loaded
Got the spot exploding
When we drop the flows in
Look at how the plot unfolded
World domination
World is in my pocket
Word to everybody in the Basin
Word to Steez
Word to Joey
Word to Kirk
I will always put the work in
I'm a mothafuckin wordsmith

Nyck Caution lyrics