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Not So Lucky - Life In Your Eyes Lyrics

And yeah, I met a girl, and she's always on my mind. No, no, it's not like all the others, I swear it's different this time. And now I'm not quite sure how to figure her out, it seems like that she only gets my hopes up to knock them down.

And no, I'm not quite comfortable with this whole routine, it's getting harder every night to fill the spaces between her fingers and mine. 'Cause she's taking her time, and she know's what she's doing, and now she keeps me moving.

Tell me that you think of me when I'm gone, and tell me that you felt this way all along. To everything else around me I'm blind, and now I can't help but live life in your eyes.

She's got her sarcastic tongue, and she's a little bit older. I've got the words in this song and my arm around her shoulder. 'Cause she's so bittersweet, she makes me feel complete. She makes me lose my mind.

Not So Lucky lyrics