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Noise Next Door - Lock Up Ya Daughters Lyrics

She was his only daughter
He would do anything for her
She was the apple of his eye

Now she's a teenage rebel
Out late and getting in trouble
And he can't stop her but he tries

I met her out at a club on Wednesday
Took her home to her dad on Friday
He was waiting at the door to say
Don't you come round here no more

I'm gonna get it on with your daughter
Can't stop us going out tonight
I'll be waiting at the window for her
You won't win
I know that you know, that she knows,that you,
better lock up your daughter tonight

He told she was grounded
She looked at him dumbfounded
But knew he'd never get his way

Lock the windows
Chain the doors
I don't know why
It never worked before
She's gonna meet me anyway

He thinks she stuck up in bed
She's waiting with the light off instead
All dressed up and ready to go
When he wakes up she'll be gone

[Repeat Chorus]

She'll worry about not going out
Don't be a fool
We're not at school
So lock up your daughter
Lock up your daughter
Lock up your daughter tonight

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