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NOFX - Whatever Didi Wants Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Whatever Didi Wants lyrics performed by NOFX. We have tried to make the Whatever Didi Wants song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I wouldn't walk 500 miles when I could fly coach
but almost anything
I wouldn't swim across the nile
Cause I could get a moeisic disentary

Cause if there's anything you want
I'll probly get it
You tell me what you need
I'll try not to forget it
You need someone to blame
I'll ay I said it
Bause whatever Didi wants she's gonna get it

I wouldn't climb the highest mountain
Could get a blister, but almost anything
I wouldn't throw coins in a fountain
I might be needing to make a phone call

I doesn't seem like you're a million
miles away, no. But maybe one or two
That doesn't mean, I never loved you
Me love you long time, when you're on top of me

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Songwriters: MIKE BURKETT