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NOFX - My Vagina Lyrics

Below you can find the popular My Vagina lyrics performed by NOFX. We have tried to make the My Vagina song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

My vagina has two sets of lips, but I don't got monthly blood drips
My vagina hardly even used
My vagina got lot's of extra skin, they took my outtie and made it an in
Turning donnie into Marie Osmand

Operation successful, but now I gotta pee threw a miniature hole
Gotta remember to put the seat down and when I wipe my ass
I go from front to back Cause I don't want to get a bladder infection

I never thought I'd miss my vas deferance
I trade it in for a par of huge cans
Now I get to hang with lesbians

Operation paid up front
Now I show all my friend my new designer cunt
They think I'm kinda weird but that's ok with me
Cause now I kick their ass playing from the ladies tee
There's nothing finer than having a vagina

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