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Mysonne - Open Letter Lyrics

Autobot Solute............
It's Mysonne

Yall gonna learn today

[Verse 1]
I'm about to show yall what I learn from Jay
In nine-nine remember heard him say "this shit all games just gotta learn
to play"
Trick motherfuckers until you earn your pay
Profit off these suckas then you turn away
Sorry Jay I wasnt good at pretending
If a nigga didnt help then he wasnt my friend then
And I was checkin them as soon as I felt offended
Tried to fix it but I just couldnt mend it
And you know how these sucka niggas act dog
Whisper behind your back now you black-balled
Kept it too real too many facts yall
Now its me against the world, thats what you asked for

Yall gonna learn today

[Verse 2]
I'm gonna give em hell yall gonna learn to pray
Bunch of soft dudes with no vertebrae
Go ahead and play, I let the burners spray
I'm so tired of the lying, niggas selling yall these dreams and yall buying
Never gonna fool me dog so stop trying
All the keys, and all these birds not flying
I'm defying the myths, trying to spit the truth, to prove consumers still
buying the shit
I'm providing them with actual fact reality
One of the last cats that actually rap reality
I give yall these streets in totality
Toes get tagged in the street over salary
And yall talkin about Trinidad James
Yeah I said it, Trinidad Lame
Trinidad fame is an example of whats wrong with the game
Its a God Damn shame
These labels is promoting these porch-monkeys and sand-bo's
We dont care as long as he drive Lambo's
Sport gold and wear name brand clothes
I guess this is what Doctor king is in the land for
Fuck it, in Rome you do like the Romans
Now I think like Sylvia Rone and Leior Cohen
Its all buffoonery, yeah we all know it
But whatever you gotta do to bring the dough in, real talk
I rather sell coke to grown folks
Than to poison babies and kids that dont know
Everybody high, morals is so low, damn near O.D.'in, but they screamin out
Now the hoes get glorified
Women with morals and pride get dis-qualified
So should I not even try to be authentic
Just embellish in lie to get dollar signs
Thats just not how God built me, if being real is a crime then I'm guilty
All they gonna say is he broke
yall kill me
Nigga when you got respect, you rich, so I'm filthy

Yall gonna learn today

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