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Mymp - So Slow Lyrics

ive been with you boy
three years is quite a while
but getting too sensual
is really not my style

you know i love you
and i like it just like this
and sometime i feel like
giving you more than just a kiss...

baby its wrong
baby its not my kind of game
if i give it to you now
our love will never be the same

it wont belong
we gotta play our love just right
i know you know the time will come
but baby for tonight...

lets take it slow (so slow)
anywhere you wanna go
baby for you, ill lay it all on the line

you oughtta know (oughtta know)
boy i aint got nowhewre to go
give it to you, only to you...
we gotta take it real slow

when we together
i know i feel the fire
burn up inside me, oh
that natural desire

i know that you feel it too,
i know you wanna flow
keep dreamin about it
and the fire starts to grow
(repeat refrain &chorus)

I know tomorrow
It will still be you and me
I'm savin' it all for you

Trust in me, baby
When I say this to you...
If we wait a little longer
Our love will be forever true

(repeat refrain & chorus)

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