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Musiq Soulchild - L' Is Gone Lyrics

Verse 1
When we were introduced by your girl Ruth
I knew that you got down
Skin caramel complexion
Lips chocolate Brown
I'm wondering now would you get huff for me
And let me stuff your Philly blunt with this black Sensi
(Most definaitly)
We can continuously
Get high like the clouds that watch the city
Huff till we'd go blind like my man Stevie
Till the whites of her eyes are bloodshot
Then we'll fall fast asleep
And when we wake up we can pick up where we LEFT
See I don't mind if you don't
Cause see I'm like if your with it then it's on
So see me tonight
All the while I'm hoping that she would inhale
So I could be like Micheal Jackson and enjoy myself
Cause What I went to do is make a tuna melt
Should roll up in the sheets and let me spark that L
Hook x2
What we gone do when the L is gone
Should we just roll some more
So we can flow some more
Or maybe I should just take you home
And make you fiend for my
Like a love jones
Verse 2
It was evident that you were hesitent when we did it
You rolled it, I lit it, We hit it
Instantly you effected my state of being on cloud nine
I can tell that the hydro got you
By the way your eyes were half closed and mine too
Lord knows if we would have rolled another Stogie
You would have been holding like En Vogue
I knew that you laced it
(Yes Indeed)
Cause I can tell when I tasted it
(Yes indeed)
Got me breaking in sweats
Feeling like something crawling all over my neck
You got me drawn
(Yes indeed)
I can't believe that you've got this type of effect on me
It seems I've been fiending for you

And your fiending for me

Musiq Soulchild lyrics

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