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Mr.Pookie - Smokin Marijuana Lyrics

1st verse

I can feel it in tha back of my mind
It's like maryjane came at tha right time
While I'm feelin divine
I take a look at the sky
Ta make me feel like a nigga wanna stay high
Take a look at my eyes
You'd prolly think I was blind
When you see a nigga eyes that low foo'
Now peep a crooked nigga so coo'
I been high all day
me and tha niggas that I'm close to
Up in tha glass house blowed
And I'm lovin this shit
Maryjane to tha brain
I'm in love wit cha bitchhh
Don't know what I'd do if ya didn't exist
What betta way to clam me down when I'm fussin n shit
See it's a blessin fa dis
Now whur tha indo?
Gettin high then I can go
Roll it up
I wanna see it in tha air
let tha wind blow
All I wanna see is thick smoke

Just smoke
And blow-o
Blow wit-me
I like marijuana
You like marijuana
We like marijuana
Nigga likes marijuana

2nd verse

Sparkin up tha maryjane
Everyday in my ozone gettin blowed
Holdin down tha play
Cause when im chiefin hay
Notice how my eyes lay when I'm so throwed
Kissin ya lips
And the hell of ya soul
Ooh wee babygurl love tha way that you breakin me off
Likin it rough when ya makin me cough
And easin my thoughts
keepin g's and cheese
Cause you constantly cost
When we togetha we do nothin but floss
But when apart lord knows it gets too hard to maintain
Tha only bitch that I faithfully claim
Steady massaugin my brain
And keep a playa on top of my game
Calm and kool everytime that we hang
Me and my crooks always runnin a train
Suckin ya body gurl til nothin remains
feelin tha pleasure when I'm watchin ya flame
Hopin that nothin will change
Just seal tha sack
And chill back while I'm smokin tha jane


3rd verse

See all I wanna do is smoke a sack wit my real niggas
Comin up tha block hittin hard
Smokin on trees
Got me droppin to my knees
So I gotta give tha praise to tha skies & tha stars
If I wanna get high tonight
Mr.pookie just roll me a blunt
We can both get blowed
Comin out tha Crooks smokin big fat optimodes
See tha laws
But them hoes can't stop us though
Who tha pros in this motha fucka?
Mista big weed
Comin up tha block
Me & mista pookie
Got no money but I'm still blowin trees
They dont give a damn what you think about me
Ima stone crook soulja
Neva been a busta
Blowin on trees
An mista munches dun told ya
Hittin tha seen
Wit a pocket full of lean
And you know what that mean
We all gettin high


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