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Mr. 3-2 - Thangs Get Crazy Lyrics

In this life we live, thangs be a trip
But hold together baby, hold together baby
It's gon' be alright, be alright
It's gon' be alright, be alright
It's gon' be alright, alright

[Mr. 3-2]
Caught up in my hustle, as time go by
Times steady getting harder, and I don't know why
I can't lie, it feels like the walls is closing
One of the chosen, off drank steadily dozing
Man I'm hoping to bring home, a mill or better
Chasing the cheddar, and I ain't trying to be scared of
Having it all, of what's down the line for me
Get it right now nigga, no time to sleep
Dropping the roof, when it get clear and sunny
Feeling myself, counting up brand new money
Glass and 3's, sliding cross concrete strips
Brand new whips, attracts these high class chicks
Break they self, cause they won't break this pimp
Steak and shrimp, I'm bringing game to the extent
This what it's about, make it add up and flip
Right fast right quick, cause life's a trip

[Hook - 2x]
Thangs get crazy, but never forget
Don't ever lose your mind, fall off and slip
Hold on for a minute, baby catch a grip
It get greater lil' later, but life's a trip

[Mr. 3-2]
Drama and plex, I'm trying to figure out what's next
It's on my chest, I ain't finna let shit rest
Without no stress, I'ma live worry free
Have my way, like it's an emergency
Against the world, can't nobody stop this dude
The tables turned, it's bout time to act a fool
Don't watch my moves, playboy watch my shoes
Came up as a grinder, I had nothing to lose
It's my time, can't play with it at all
Bounce the ball, standing like I'm ten feet tall
I grind out here, stepping on what's in my way
Day to day, grimy parts where I stay
Shutting it down, first place ahead of the pack
Can't look back, keep it at a constant stack
Get on note, I ain't finna babysit
Stay on point out here, but life's a trip

[Hook - 2x]

[Mr. 3-2]
It gets rough sometimes, when you caught in a bind
Use your mind, get on instead of falling behind
Running with the same pack, that ain't got jack
You off note dead broke, you can't get on track
Face the facts, cause sleeper don't do nothing but dream
Catch your snaps, get rolling with the winning team
Glitter and gleam, don't necessarily shine
Got a sight for what's real, read between the lines
Too many times, of bumping your head and go get it
You either true to it, or straight illiterate
One or the other, can't be around these busters
Getting fucked in a jam, with dumb mo'fuckers
They don't do ruckus, I'ma let loose this pressure
Put a hole up in ya, and it's over I bet ya
I won't let ya, I'ma just let it be known
Life a trip, get it together 'fore you gone

[Hook - 4x]

Mr. 3-2 lyrics