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Motley Crue - Hammered (demo) Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Hammered (demo) lyrics performed by Motley Crue. We have tried to make the Hammered (demo) song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Act like Jesus crucified again
These four walls are closing in
Who and what do you think you are?
A rich motherfucker in a fancy car
Concrete jackal suckin' on the past
Gold card junkie kissin' money's ass

You're the monkey on my back
And it's time for you to go
You're more harm than my old vice
And I don't wanna know

Hey Mr. Bigtime Hollywood
Tell your story walkin'
Your money's runnin' low
From your cocaine whores
Nothin' but a rat scratchin' at my door

Now I've said all I'm gonna say
Times will judge, see who fades away

Now you're feelin' low tired and beaten
Razor blades and daggers
Pierce your soul you're six feet in the hole
Get down on your knees in Hollywood

Motley Crue lyrics

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