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Mortimer Nova - Temple Of Artemis Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Temple Of Artemis lyrics performed by Mortimer Nova. We have tried to make the Temple Of Artemis song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Help me
I can't breathe

Our strangled souls will intertwine congruent and disengage
We'll wash upon the clouded nile defiled and be restrained
The hands that once were locked in lust beloved are burned with rage
You part your lips, your crooked smile revealing your unbound hate

Tell my wife that the devil made me do it
Tell my kids that I had it but I blew it
Tell my friends that I've got it and I'll use it
Tell my folks that I'll never go through it
Gravity, gravity, gravity
Gravity is holding me back
Holding me back

Mortimer Nova lyrics