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Mortimer Nova - Sin With Me Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Sin With Me lyrics performed by Mortimer Nova. We have tried to make the Sin With Me song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

We make believe together
With our fondled strange love
Your cradle is decaying
Kissed confusion

Memories are a mirror

Your envelope spills ink stains
So you move away
And the blood that drips from your lips
While our innocence rips

Memories are a mirror

You would drag me to the devils door
To pay your penance
This knowledge is a burden
For our lost innocence

Memories are a mirror

Can you admit your guilty
And you're the one that's at fault
You think you are a snowflake
But you're an icicle

Memories are a mirror
Memories are a mirror

I have nothing else to lose
You've got nothing else to lose
When there's nothing else to lose
Sin with me

Mortimer Nova lyrics