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Mortimer Nova - Trust This Handshake Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Trust This Handshake lyrics performed by Mortimer Nova. We have tried to make the Trust This Handshake song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

In the summer of 2009 i watched the sun collapse and die
So i left a letter carved in my arm that said there's love but it's not
And i've been thinking that things are not okay, it's one more wreck every
Dying day
I'll say goodbye to the collapsing sun and with that note it's time i've

Come inside, july, altruicide

I told my wife that there's life alive but when i reach in, it's dead
And this tree that stands so tall has lost it's leaves and soon must fall
Without warning and to disbelief, the day will come that i have to leave
As this shell is strangling me and the cut that's left is to be released

Come inside, july, altruicide

Call this a warning, a cry for help but nothing changes in this cell
The time will come when i shut the door and kiss you goodbye and i'll cry
No more
Kiss the kids because they shouldn't see their fathers shell in agony
So throw a stone at the setting sun because it's the reason your love has

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