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Mordecai - Infinity Of Creation Lyrics

Yours is the day and light,
even dark and night,
sun and the glimmering moon,
every creature and living being

I walk in the nature,
admiration fill me,
I see the creation,
I feel the spirit of God,
I see the day until sun sets behind the trees,
now wind blows,
the oak leaves crustle,
stars begin to shine,
the atmosphere overwhelms,
I start to praise His Holy Name

Thou art mighty,
O Lord my God,
You've created the earth and heaven,
earth is full of Your creations

You make the sun arise,
to show us the days,
You made the moon to show seasons

You make even darkness & the night,
where the nightly owl howls for Your glory,
Now I'll sing praise to our Infinite God,
Bless my soul O my Lord

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