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Momarok - The Exiled Lyrics

Exiled to Earth
Witness to the absence
Of souls or sanity
To a withering world
To live in sacred places
While the smell of death
Lingers in the air

Innocent of malice
The Unbeheld
See the Assassin's heart
His message of corruption
Rage burns
Invoking praises
To the Harbinger of Death

The divine engineers
Made up a lie we can believe in
Admire their handiwork
Murdered hope
The Executioner approaches
The Earthborne fall beneath his blade

Still innocent
The garden has been planted
Seeded with love and hope and unity
And words of inspiration
Carry our breath into the light
We linger
Taking refuge behind their sacred wing
Touching memories awake
Into our reflection
We are born

Momarok lyrics