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Moko Koza - Just My Imagination Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Just My Imagination lyrics performed by Moko Koza. We have tried to make the Just My Imagination song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Just Close Your Eyes And Imagine..Ahaaa
[Verse 1]
Wake Up In My King-Sized Bed
Eyes Still Droopy With That Billion Dollar Swag
Smelling Like Cologne, I Like The Sound Of That
Coz Ladies Stays Around Me Like Im The Only Cat
House Like Castle, Elevated Floor
Youd Probably Get Lost Tryna Find The Right Door
Chilling In My Room With My Ps4
Im The Type Of Guy To Take You To The Latest Store
I Take You On A Tour Outside
Show You All My Whips And My Bikes
Bentley, Porsche, Bugatti,
Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati
Etc., And The Shit Never Ends
Got My Own Bars And My Own Casino
Im Callin Ma Homie Whos In Mexico
Counting Ma Money, Makingem Stack Up
Just Then Snap !!
Wake Up !!! Wake Up !!!
Just My Imagination, Runnin Away With Me
It was Just My Imagination, Runnin Away.
[Verse 2]
Just Got A Call From Eminem
Told He Heard My Raps, He Wanted To Sign Me In
Got Myself Signed In Shady Aftermath
Next Morning Ill Be Live On Your Television Set
Whos That Kid On The News Making Moves
Chillin With Celebrities Lookin So Cool
POE to The TIC
KI Double D, Better Know Me
Now Im Walkin On Red Carpets, ViPs
Every Wack Rappers They All Envy Me
They Tell Me Im The Bomb, No False Alarm
Coz I Spit It Strong Aftermath Like Napalm
Made A Couple Mill On My Latest Mixtape
People Love Me, My Songs On Re-Play
Signin Autographs, Find It On eBay
This Is The Life, I Love It This Way
Just Imagine, hah
ItsYo Boy The kidd With The Double D. Shout To Cryptic Aspect, Rhythmic
Naga HomeboizYall.
Peace !!

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