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Mithras - Vae Solis Lyrics

[Lyrics: - Macey]

The fire in the sky He who gives us light The sun - our lord Giver of all life His coming has been the herald The dawn of a new cycle For as long as it has been remembered It has been this way

He is life eternal The focus of our worship We dared not look upon him Until this fateful day

[Solo: - Macey]

His flames diminish! Shadows begin to fall At the apex of his journey This cannot be so! In terror i look into his heavens I need not shield my eyes Dust rising from afar Is swallowing our lord

[Solo: - Macey]
[Solo: - Macey]

The ground trembles In the distance thunders roar His powers blast the lands Fierce winds whip up the sands How have we displeased him? Not in lack of dedication We cower as the skies darken Our lord is nowhere to be seen

[Solo: - White]

He did not return Deserting us in twilight Without his solar powers Our crops withered and died Terrible winter froze the sand Killing the sick old and young Our faith is all that binds us to These lands our lord has left us to

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