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Mithras - Tomb Of Kings Lyrics

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[Lyrics: - Macey]

I travelled far and wide Searching..... On paths trodden Only by so few I uncover the doorway My journey nears its end I complete the ritual Which grants me passage unto-

This ancient tomb Of kings - i open I break the seal Of three thousand years What foul enchantment Will befall me? What will I Behold?

Leaving the sun behind Down passages so dark The torch my only weapon Against this vault of darkness Soon I lose my way Attempt to trace my footsteps My torch fading fast As i see a chink of light

My pace quickens Running towards the distant glow I stumble on the entrance The awesome spectacle brings me to my knees

I behold the tomb of kings

On huge pedestals they stand Mounted, weapons in hand Once kings of this land Their statues stand Monarchs long forgotten Rising towards the light Once proud lords Will rise again......

Terror in the air Ancient tombs opening Grotesque figures emerging Still dressed in regal splendour Followed by their servants Entombed when their lord died Empty eyes look towards the surface As foretold: -They rise again

[Solo: - Macey]

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