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Misery Index - The Unbridgeable Chasm Lyrics

These images of the television heads spouting promises that disappear in
move and shift as we cross the Styx (and the carnival slips out of town)
Past ideas never did us anything- the rolling stone of progress
Flattened us
we move and shift as the Rubicon laps at the fast of the masses that never

You quench your thirst with ashes
you plant your seeds in send
and watch as weeds devour...

You pride these institutions that glorify disease
one thousand knives have stabbed the backs of those you have deceived
you can't get there from here
the beaten path's a dead end road
burning bridges coming down again

We hope and pray for a leader to come
our 'new world man' realized- is the jackel enthroned with his suit and phone
the financial demon's arrived
hyps and praise for the avaricious way
all sacrifices must be made
get in line and put the noose on your neck
there's plenty of rope for us all

You think you make the difference
yet you ingest their gruel
and reek with stench of profit...

The crowd is shifting
the target's getting closer
the bastard smiles with his sinister grin
it's retribution
no mercy ever given...the wolf is howling as the sheep devour.

Misery Index lyrics

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