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Misery Index - The Lies That Bind Lyrics

Rising from the tide
a Kraken cloaked in wisdom
propogates his lies
for love of living death...

As faith in leaders falter and dole-queues stretch for snake-like miles
Untruths in unwritten law annihilate imagination
Hope becomes a process
The intravenous feed
That's bound in tune with 'progress' - in dialectic comedy

More demagogues emerging
The paradise parade begins
where everything is perfect and 'tim' is all we need to save
And just as oceans swallow all ships that sink in time
This spectacle will crumble from false and ill conceived design.

These fragile frames are breaking
And knots will soon come undone
The bloody fields of history have yet another war to come
As chants turn into anthems and shouts turn into battle cries
The statues of their heroes gone crack and yield to newborn human lives.

Tired of marching to their tune in time
The gears of oppression have ceased
No light at the end off the production line- show us that this life's worth

Books are burning in the night
As conciousness is laid to rest
Another dream falls out of sight...and what have we to show for this?

Misery Index lyrics

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